Delivering as One


The UN Country Team in Kenya (UNCT), working collaboratively and inspired by the national aspirations articulated in Kenya’s Vision 2030 will engage with the Government to support real transformative progress towards:

  1. A state of good governance anchored in the Rule of Law,
  2. A development process led and driven by an inclusive, healthy, highly skilled and motivated human capital,
  3. An industrializing economy in which growth is inclusive and achieves sustainable development, trade is competitive and regionally integrated, employment is stable, private sector-driven, Human Rights-compliant and accessible to women, youth and vulnerable groups,
  4. Underpinned by efficient management of natural resources, equitable access to development assets, including land and renewable resources, and sustainable national cohesion and peace.

This United Nations Development Assistance Framework is the fourth generation Programme Document produced by the United Nations System in Kenya and covers the period 2014-2018. The uniqueness of this UNDAF lies in its foundation in the UN’s “Delivery as One” approach, and its participatory formulation with other key stakeholders through an elaborate consultative process reinforcing the principles of the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness and the Accra Agenda for Action.
The Government of Kenya and the UN System are committed to working together in the spirit of partnership to implement the UNDAF, as a contribution to the achievement of national development goals and aspirations and as a concrete step towards the realization of Kenya’s developmental commitments to its people and the international community. We will act together in cognizance of this opportunity and responsibility.